Care home school meetings and baking

Today has been one long day pushing for correct placements and funding for two aunty’s who have Huntington’s and till the end of may to move to new care homes. One is recieving continued care while the other is part funded by local authority to say it stressful is the least of the issues but what ever happens they have to go together. This is a massive pressing issue we have to deal with over the next couple of weeks something we as a family will fight with everything we have for them to be placed in suitable care that meets both Thier needs but together as it is important for Thier mental and emotional health.

Then this afternoon I had meeting at my youngest son’s school for option choises for his Gcse’s this has been giving him great anxiety for weeks but within ten minutes he firmly choose and asked confidently questions to the course leaders he even found a university that does the course he wants as something to achieve and aspire too.

I actually think he made the right choise for him and think he is going to be more confident because he choose them.

His list of choises obviously English Maths Science and core Pe are non negotiable , his other choises tell me he took on board everything in the meeting before hand one functional skill that can lead to many carer options as his back up plan which is catering and hospitality given that my son has very bad issues due to sensory problems and his selective eating issues I think this may have the ability to help him with this.

Geography as it is something he not only enjoys but has a passion for.he always enjoys, computer science as another thing he is very good at.

Finally Music where he has shown a grate interest in Dj’ing probally comes from his dad as dad was a great one for many years but also because he finds music very theraputic.

For a child with autism and anxiety anything that helps him learn to over come some of his challenges but asking makes him relaxed and happy is such a possitive thing.

Once back from all this my lovely husband had cooked my dinner before given me and our daughter space to bake cookies for a present for her bus driver who is retiring tommorrow.

Niki asking came home with a certificate of achievement for her media taster course at a main stream college. From Next year she will be trying three days a week at mainstream and 2 days a week at her specialist college, who help her learn daily living skills and also she works with some of the other students to get some experience as it’s a career she has always been interested in (child care) she is also hoping Todo another media course in mainstream aswel as cash.

My oldest son has been nominated as rising star bybhis work and is at a big functions as we speak.

This is just a tiny bit of our day today and this is a quite day.๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you all had a fab day as well.

As you can see Jake likes taking things apart and seeing how they work very much a technical mind like his Dad.

Niki making cookies