The job media plays not only in telling stories and how they are shown to the public, but the important job of media weather it be newspapers, magazines, TV programs films or even social media, in fairly representing those that are vunrebal. #anxiety #mentalhealth #autism #emotionalhealth #media #news #socialmedia #invisibledisabilities #Disabilities

Since joining social media and since my children were diagnosed, i have been researching and studying the many media outlets and how they represent these issues, issues of mental health, and hidden disabilities and physical disabilities, while i do see many changes in how they are represented now i still feel there is a long way to go.

we know that with mental health especially although there is much more in the media about it now and people are becoming more able to share their stories,  It still is publicised about lack of funding ,people and families let down by services and huge waiting lists to even be seen in the mean time lives are affected greatly families ripped apart and even lives are lost.

But i still feel there also has to be a positive turn on things, from those learning to face their difficulties and talk ,those that are making accomplishments despite the difficulties, those that go on to achieve great things and continue to help raise awareness for others.

Those family members that have lost but take their loss and pain to fight to stop it happening to others because they know just how devastating it is to lose a loved one.

in society today you mention mental health and you still get aviodence of the issue you still get isolation, you do still get the stares and the judgements like pull your self together just be happy with what you have others are worse off.

this not only isolates a person further but impacts on the guilt and self hate many of those suffering from mental health issues feel, which just breeds more anger which in turn feeds the depression and anxiety.

Much of that is to do with and because of lack of help and services and funding there not getting the support to talk about how they are feeling, they are put on medicines without regular checks to see if it helps or makes symptoms worse, they have no way of letting out those feeling in a safe non judgemental place.

while i know medicines are important to help some conditions, and can alievate some of the worse symptoms alone they cannot help the person, tough love doesn`t work and is bordering on cruel, unconditional love grate listening skills and and correct support at times of crisis is vital to the person continuing care and support is vital, acceptance and enclution is vital .

while i am not a professional on these subjects, i have lived my whole life around these issues and have supported my family for years with these issues. i Choose to work as a carer and to write a book about it to raise awareness by concentrating on the positives .

looking past the behaviours and the anger and dealing with all emotions as each and everyone of them forms part of these illnesses, if we really deal with the feelings of the individual and really listen maybe then treatments that really do benefit them will be formulated and make a big change for them. then them tiny steps they take will slowly become bigger and bigger until they fill they truly matter in this world.

I am a person that says what i feel , i also understand that not everyone will agree with me on this subject but i dont want to sit back and ignore the issue , either

So as to the media i think they also need to show the positive stories that are out there for those that suffer as well as the need for more awareness and understanding , we all can play a tiny part in a better world a kinder caring world. a world that here`s all its peoples voices and cares enough to be the change.

Have a beautiful day.

best wishes and much love