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wow what a blast this week has been!! Crazy silly moment`s big achievements and so much fun. i am just so happy it went so well very important time turning 18.

It is funny but the Emo book , was written to help empower myself as a parent and a woman but also to empower my children as well i think it has built all our confidence so very much, we just have a better understanding of things that give us challenges and boy are we facing and over coming them head on.

I can write for ages about how much we have changed individually or as a family, but today i just need to recover from the amount of walking Niki and i did this weekend,

It was fun to have family over and too have a party, it was great to take my daughter out to celebrate and see her get up  and sing in front of everyone, it was great to take her to London to visit her boyfriend whom is over from Holland.  Walking miles around London taking in the sights, beautiful buildings,shops the music in the streets, navigating and negotiating trains and undergrounds. finding the shops they wanted to visit yes it was all the toy shops !! but seeing Tom and Niki`s eyes light up was a huge pleasure to be apart of not to mention the  visit to the science museum or the freshly cooked waffles dripping with cream and strawberries and toffee and marshmallows it makes my mouth water just thinking about them Now.

The care and Love Niki and Tom showed each other made my heart melt, in tune with each others need still the noise went away,her additional issues. for me it is these tiny beautiful tender moments that tell me my daughter will be fine despite  i will give a small example of what i mean by that we were on the underground when a high pitched noise began Tom knowing Niki has sensory issues took both his hands placing his fingers in her ears  , Easing each others anxiety`s. Having my husband at home looking after my son this weekend allowed me to be free to enjoy myself without worryingt.

My husband bless him had my dinner ready for me when i got home it was so Delicious,we have all slept  so well the last couple of days, Nikki was sorting out her bag on the train and out pops her first aid kit , I did not even know she packed it,

She also payed me a beautiful compliment she had a little ANXIETY THAT I MIGHT BE KIDNAPPED when i was not in her vision i said" i will be OK "she said your the only mum i got i would not want to lose you , How sweet is that.

Any way i am Still raising funds towards the publication of my book the official release date  is still 31st of May i still have £965 left to raise  so any help whether it is a share a donation or a retweet will be so very gratefully received,there is a link at the top of  the page by my bio what ever site you are viewing from.

I think you will be able to see from pictures 18th birthday are not cheap and given that Niki has had some really difficult birthdays this one had to be extra special,. which has taken a while to save for.

Here is our week in pictures . I have done them in collages to show just how much we have done and achieved over this last week

thank you for taking the time to read and see our precious times. many thanks and all my love to you all Faye xx