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It was early in the morning and for some reason i just wanted to see if my book had an online presence yet, i type in the search Emo The Emotional Elf and  all of a sudden there it was every go fund me update every word press, Instagram, twitter and linked in article ever written by me about my book.

That was not all it is actually was. showing up for  pre-sale  online and  it had the ISBN number and details of release and official publication date may 31 2018, i of course am between excited and shocked and oh my goodness who can i phone at this time.

My husband he was the first thought in my head then my mum my hubby said try and  some sleep like that was going to happen now, what did i do more research you see it is a very important thing for me it has helped me personally writing this book, it has helped my children more than i can ever share or show, it has helped our family as a whole.

It has made communicating and meeting new people easier than ever before for all of us.

This is exactly what it is supposed to do, i dont know if i can convey how proud i feel standing by my children's side when they speak up for their own needs, to be able to share how they are feeling so that it doesn't render them voiceless in a special needs jungle, to help them build the resilience and self control to help themselves get where they are supposed to be in life.

To help them learn their emotions that some time become so very over whelming  it affects them so greatly if  i can do this for them anything is possible for them to learn and achieve.

So what now do i do i have this question very loudly in my ear do i advertise, my book is there for pre-ordering at the same time as my go fund me which is raising the money to make this happen or do i do both?

Today knowing my book is starting to show in stores has not only got more shares of my go fund me campaign but also another £20 donation and one book already pre-ordered,it is all starting to come together how much is down to fate or just my hard work i dont know.

It is hard to tell how far this book will go how much it will continue enhancing us as a family and how many people and families around the world it has the potential to help, but if it helps one child one parent one family all it will most definitely be so worth it and rewarding, you see for me it is never about personal glory or recognition it is about sharing and caring telling others there voices matter there stories matter their lives matter.

So i will share it all and leave the rest up others to decide if it is something they would like to share read donate or buy.

Here is a list of places you can pre-order the book Emo The Emotional Elf by Faye Farmer Amazon, Browns, Bocker,Waterstones ,Foyles its available to kindle there maybe more but thats what i have seen online.

here is my go fund me link we still have £965 to raise by beginning of May given that it will be published on the 31st that gives me time to pay the publishers finally


and  here is an alternative way to pay



Many thanks all my love Faye Farmer

To all those new authors published authors and want to be authors this is the moment on the journey it becomes reality