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Hello everyone what can i say?
another £10 donation received so total now is £1625 raised, only another £975 to go.
The book came back from the editors yesterday!!
I am realy surprised at the little amount of changes to be made.
to be honest they were very silly errors on my part Like capital letters in the wrong place or coma`s or full stops, those really are not my strong point.
I was expecting more bubbles with things to add or change so was so very surprised at how little they were. maybe my brain is starting to retain this information a little better now, or maybe it is because i am trying to prove a point to myself who knows?
I am going to keep trying .
So now i have to send book back to editors for the next Stage of the process and i can concentrate on this Go Fund Me campaign as it has stalled a little since Christmas.
So once again i am going to have to continue relying on the kindness of others to help raise it.
I am asking for Share`s and donations any little helps from my family and friends, i hope that you can see by the amount of times you have seen either my campaign or my elves or have heard me talk about my book, what it has meant to our family and how much our family has changed because of it.
But also how dedicated i am to raising awareness for some very misunderstood issues.
But also how it has helped me personally grow strong physically and emotionally and mentally stronger.
If you go help with a Share or Donation or even ideas on how to better get my campaign out there, i am trying to think up ways off line to also raise the funds but with the book and work and children i seem to just fall short of time sometimes.
There are also days i need to stop and take a breather and relax because my recovery dictates how my body acts still.

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