Christmas came and went in whirlwind of ripped wrapping paper,laughter, unavoidable, absences due too illness.

My goodness how Christmas came and went so very fast ours was an exceptional christmas, we did have last minute changes to visitors because of this flu bug going around. At least we made it through this Christmas without chicken pox or Nora virus which one year saw us all scratching and being sick at the same time, I think the reason these bugs spread so quickly at this time of year is not because we are dirty or unclean, but because it’s so cold we are all snuggled up together under duvets watching movies. Breathing in each others air it’s a closeness we crave at this time of year maybe we are more like animals then we think and we just want to hibernate.

But seriously the children did so very well this year they were relaxed we didn’t have to travel anywhere and the presents were a bit maybe alot less than other years due to finances but the power of cleaver positioning of presents and the actual size of Niki’s main present a giant fluffy horse with wings I will call it that because my brains a bit numb from the winter bug to remember correct spelling today.

Jake got a new computer chair because I’m not sure if he had been eating his old one but huge clumps were missing.

I could be right he does like his yellow food hehe I am hoping I. Wrong on that one.

Josh was only here for a shorter time this year as he is now looking for new places to live he hasnt lived at home since going to uni and is all grown up and independant, actually he has been independant from the moment he was born that’s our Josh.

Niki had Tom her boyfriend over from Holland again this year and it was like they weren’t even here living in Thier own little bubble going out and learning local bus routes,picnics in the park, and of course the buying of more things including transformers hehe that’s Tom’s favourite thing.

Jake also got a keyboard as he wants to teach himself too play he has already learnt a few songs.

Jake’s favorite present was the one from his big brother Josh a gaming mouse which he programmed it to change colour.

Our Christmas was stress free calm Jake even took a massive step of stuffing turkey all though he only touched it once with his hands and had to wash them alot but that is just one of Jake’s things.

We were glad when our neices decided to come with the children and had a fun eventful day seeing the children also just made our day. But also seeing the kids open their emo the elf present and read there own special letters were priceless gift I got for Christmas.

We all ended this year seeing the new year into together accept our Josh who we phoned just after the bell struck at the turn of the new year .

Oh how depressing it is when Our home becomes empty of the older boys and the decorations are removed the sparkle goes just that little bit more when you have to start up school runs and lunches clubs and routine. Back to reality of the world outside the four walls we call home returning to work which I love so very much .

Now this year my work gets more bite more challenges in developing my book for realease while working and other home duties and just as soon as I shake off the dreaded bug I am ready and raring to go New year 2018 here we come.