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Hi all,

The Christmas bubble is starting the adverts, the posts, the present shopping,the list gets long the closer it gets, i went to town today or at least i tried but parking was impossible.

so i quickly changed my mind think i will go when the kids return to school on Monday.

I did manage to pop out and get a few things one thing was a singing and dancing Elf when I was in the shop, I saw a load of childrenĀ  in awe of it laughing and chatting about it with their parents, I just had to have one to add to our Elf family this time last year I spotted Emo The Elf in the shop and had the exact same feeling and look what happened with that impulsive buy, a book a story a way to help my children understand Thier autism but also a way for me to write and let go of the grief that nearly made me give up on myself.

The book only took a month to write but a year to get to my part of the finished book. Another 5 months and I will have the completed book in my hands and out for the world to see and hopefully enjoy for many year.

Funny thing is I have started reading it to the children tonight and it had them laughing they have seen some but not all of it yet , so reading it to them is such a true blessing.

My heart my inspiration my family they make my imagination come to life, they lift me with there efforts they make to help me with all the things to do with the book the learning curve we have gone through together gains memento and gets stronger by the minute there strengh will and determination, stuns my mind so much, what made them panic before is becoming less of a hinder to them.

Thier ability now to share thier feelings what ever they are in a more confident and controlled and safe way is just such a sweet blessing.

Thier ability to want to learn again growing day by day, their strengh in being able to ask for help still a work in progress but seeing mum ask and seeing Thier mum share is I think the most positive out come for the situations we have found ourselves in over the last couple of years.

That was my one chrismas wish a miracle to help my family a bit of magic to bring light to Thier dark days,a bit of imagination to create a new way of seeing Christmas as not a stressful time but one of family togetherness love laughter friendships with cousins and aunts and uncles parents relaxed and having fun. No stresses of modern day living where we constantly rush and travel to others being in our own home doing Christmas our own way, loving every minute of it because if it gets to much for them they can go to the comforting place to self calm, Thier own rooms surrounded by things that comfort them and eliviate the stress of lots of people smells noise lights and physical contact.

They learnt to engage give their hugs and play with Thier family sing dance and laugh.

That to me is Christmas that is what it’s all about.presents are great to receive what ever way they come but my children know Thier family is Thier biggest gift ever.

Now we are watching our extended families getting ready for Thier Christmas and see the youngest members look up with a sparkle in Thier eye a smile on the face and a belief in Thier soul Christmas truly is a marvolous time and it begins again in a five days maybe there will be a follow up book ready to go after this Christmas is over.

Many thanks hugs Faye