It’s her #birthday 😀 tommorrow/19 november 

She sits there excited like a little girl,

Wondering what the next day will bring

Friendship, family, breakfast in bed .

Her mind is excited and she can’t sleep who would of thought she would be happy to be turning 43 the next day.

Some stop counting after a certain age,she loves it because she has lived a life full of challenges and love and family times,fun times and hard times.

She is stronger and smarter happier and more out going her voice getting stronger by the day.

She has made new friends along the way,  ones she feels happy to share herself with,

So that life her life becomes more rich has more value, she is changing and growing in the best possible way. 

She writes and tells stories. About her life, her experiences, she is learning a new world the digital world.

The way it has opened her mind to learn the things she learns, and her memory is improved.

The are more and more of the younger generation that alter there photos to feel more confident about themselves, she learnt to love herself as she truly is.

She doesn’t worry about wrinkles or imperfections and her photos always refect the truth, she hopes that others learn to see there beauty without all the trimings as she writes this now she understands what she need to do next

To keep things moving forward to better life for herself and others.

Now iris her birthday she smiles to hetself