#Education and #health #care #plans working together as one to achieve the very best outcome for all.

They are a good thing a a very good step in the right direction, a way to point out your child’s positive points and just how wonderful they are.

Also a way for parents to insure child’s challenges are fully understood and met by schools and health professionals.

They are still a work in progress because the time it takes to develope them and grow them into a truly remarkable system so those with challenges have there needs met.

There are still so many that have to move on to this system and set time limits to manover this change brings some challenges on a whole.

I am hoping that once all children are transferred there will be more understandings so more children are encluded and less children get expelled or taking out of education.

I believe it is a wonderful way in which parents get a say in very important issues that affect there child’s ability to learn.

I hope it gives schools the tools to nuture our children and develope a way to give these children the lessons in a way which easy and encouraging them to learn.

To help them learn about Thier health so they can know and understand they have a voice as well some parents don’t envolve thier children in the proceedings of producing the documents and some don’t understand enough to give input and that is why it’s important that parents get a voice in this on Thier behalf.

I am lucky in that my children want to have a say in their education and have the ability to communicate what they struggle with, they can’t always if they are highly anxious so that is where as a mum and their advocate I take the lead.

I do only want to insure that my children have the education that they are untitled to by law, I do want to insure Thier health care needs are met by the schools professional health care system.

These forms do high light the very best of our children, because some of the other forms you fill out you have to consertraite on the negative aspects of your child’s conditions. It does make you feel so bad and crule writing what you have to write and then when you have to feel in the positive side to start with can be somewhat confusing only because your used to talking about difficulties.

But if the planning and time is achiveble you will have a plan in no time and the knowledge to take with you and experience you gain and confidence in the form feeling in becomes something simple to do.

The only negative thing about it is just the yearly review and that there is no-one to turn to when issues are unresolved between schools and parents, there is no-one to talk to when you feel they are not complying with the plan 

If there is one thing all involved in this can do is adding a outside system that has the ability to monitor and take action if the plans are not being met you can’t always wait till the next reveiw sometimes issues are serious enough to have intervention to sort them out. To reduce unneccassary stress on families already dealing with challenges. The pressure on parents is emence sometimes and it has to be acknowledged that in fact it can have ab impact on families as a whole and care givers health and wellbeing if the needs of Thier child are not met as they should be.

A parent has a right to challenge those that are not complying with the plan, a parent has the right to complain if their child is hurt when they are surposed to be receiving surport because of their issues.

As parents we don’t want to have to get angry or take things over people’s heads we try so hard to work with schools and others.

Short staffed is not an excuse to not meeting child’s needs because they are recieving extra funds to provide that surport which is in the education plan.

Any way this I think are things that need bringing up in order for the correct tecniques and systems a put in place not just for child and their families but for schools and health care as well.

Get it right and no child will feel less no parent will feel in heard, communication collaboration and committment from all can make a big difference.