Publisher meeting day a day filled with excitement and new challenges and changes #planning #preperation #creativity and #positiveattitude

The planning part the day before sourcing tickets and micro managing the journey allowing for situations that change at the last minute.

The excitement building in the tips of your toes and bubbling in your tummy.

It is almost the same feeling as carrying your child and growing it a book to an author is a their baby.

When the story is complete and you grow it and develope it a little more each day.

My kids especially Jake who is a bit of a worrier makes me think about and concidering things I would not normally, in order for me to think logically about things, Niki helped emencly today by getting herself sorted for school her own breakfast and made her own lunch.these things dont happen very often but she knows just how important today was,and in her own little way this helped more than she will ever realise they even allowed me to take picture to mark this day.

My hubby he was helping alot by just giving his input which to me is the most important input of all. Plus his massive bear hug brings a calmness to me like no other.

So yesterday after tickets sorted I spent the day thinking of questions to ask and ideas to discuss regarding the cover and what visuals to add to the book to make it impactful to others who buy it.

Because as much as the story is important in a book Thier are many people adults and children that are visual learners and what the words don’t show the photos or illustrations will.

Personally I love books without visuals as I am able to see what I read in my head but also my learning style is creative so I love the creativity and interpretation of a book illustrated.

It’s so hard to get this part right and this is where the help of a publisher comes in handy just to help focus the ideas

After all it is there passion and commitment that has a play in how far your book goes.

This is my first book so all I am learnt now up to this point I have done myself or with help of my loved ones.

The journey so far has gone without a hitch nearly missed second train but got on with a minute to spare, when I got to London underground it was so packed it was a little anxiety inducing just because of the shear amount of people.

I just took a deep breath a step back and caught the next tube, which was almost empty the first one was so packed you could almost see faces pressed against the glass that was definitely not one for me to go on.

Now I am on the last train before the final ten minute walk and the netting will start.It really helped ease my nerves by talking on the phone the other day.

What a lovely way to spend the day travelling through the country side lost in though inspiration flowing sitting next to your little elf’s as there heads peak out of the bag.

What a great feeling this truly is, I am so proud of this book and how it has help my kids they are growing in confidence again and Jake is loving just reading for fun again.There anxitey is still there but panic attacks can and are almost avoided it’s not about just medicating children that should only be a short term thing it’s about showing them and given them the tools to face what brings panic head on with someone by there side so they know they are safe and guide them to see that it’s not so scary after all.

That’s really all for now I will update with progress as this book goes along and maybe it will help other budding authors along the way to achieve a dream of being published.


Much love

Faye xx


6 thoughts on “Publisher meeting day a day filled with excitement and new challenges and changes #planning #preperation #creativity and #positiveattitude

  1. cperciaccanto says:

    Love your site! Well written and honest. Found you through Writing through grief. I too started my blog and finished my first memoir to heal from immense loss and hope to help others navigate this rocky journey. Glad to find another ! I’ll def follow you. Congrats on getting published!!

    • fayekerryfarmer says:

      Thankyou so much our family has a genetic disorder that is taking so many and we know there are more losses to come. The book I wrote is not only a book for children but also families and my family to say goodbye to the mums grandparent children aunt’s and was difficult as it has to be done so sensitively to be ok for kids to read so I choose to put it at the end of the book so parents can choose when to show the child that part depending on there age or circumstances.

      • cperciaccanto says:

        What a difficult hardship to deal with, knowing you/family will have to continue dealing with this disorder. I’m so sorry, but how encouraging you’ve taken to words to help your family. And a very creative way to include the children. That will be a huge resource for them. Best to you and your family!

    • fayekerryfarmer says:

      thank you i find writting helps me as an adult deal with many of the issues that come my way while also dealing with the grief my self and being strong for my family .

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