Not in my name #exclutions #sen #voice #advocate #change #acceptance #enclution #respect

Don’t speak for me for I have a voice.

Show me how to use it and I will shine

Don’t tell me how to think or feel those thoughts are all mine.

My emotions change so very quick it hard for others to see

I want them all to be happy and spread a smile for all to see

Some days situations happen that are far beyond my control

I am only a human being not a robot or a wooden doll

I feel others emotions so deeply each and every day 

This is very important to help them learn to speak and have there voice heard 

Listen to them carefully don’t treat them like Thier dirt

Out children are our blessing their conditions not a curse

The unkind behaviours of others is so much worse 

for they have understanding Of what they say and do, they are not held accountable and they should be too.

For our children are always told to make a fuss, to accept what is said or done or you will be left out.

When does it change for our children to be accepted once and for all why is it always our children that have to find different schools .

Our children deserve education it’s required by the law  

No exclusions should happen to these children anymore 

So parents who are on our journey with a child without a school, I want to say I feel for you this world is very crule.

Don’t give up hope for changes of we all speak up to bring it out.

A voice that maybe tiny but with others it becomes a shout.

But if we sit back and be quite the situation will never change

Let’s do it for the children to stop the exclusions from happening again

Just a little writing that came into my mind

Many thanks Faye xx 

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