Wow what a Halloween I love it so much.These are moments I can really shine because I put all I have into it love soul and spirit #Halloween #family #work #laughter #sharing #community #children

The excitement building it was Halloween, a day of fun,fright,laughter and family togetherness, a spirit of community a few years a go we only had one or two knocks on the door the more we decorate the more it encourages, new visters and the same ones to return year after year, because they know we like to share candy with them.

we put on a little show with lighting up and decorating the garden. Making sure although a little spooky they are safe, we crouch down to there level while handing out the sweets so they feel safe as well.

The idea is to be a little bit scary just to give a little excitement, to show there are nice people with manners they want to see them laugh and have fun.

I love that some kids in wheel chairs sometimes visit because we like to included everyone.

I was also working with Hayley she was so excited to join in our Halloween fun,she came all dressed up and got to stay over.

I loved seeing the pictures of my family have there Halloweens in there own homes, seeing excitement in there eyes there costumes were so fantastic.

It is the whole atmosphere a buzz a tingle of excitement you felt when you were a kid experiencing it.But now your older you can appriciate it more because you are seeing it through the eyes of the children.

The decorations in the house gives it homely feeling similar to Christmas makes the house come alive like someone has sprinkled fairy dust and woken everyone up from the Tec world!!! phones only used for pictures to capture the memories laptops and Tec not used , like magic families sitting together walking together eating together.

When your kids hug you, and thankyou I love you mum they say .They say, they get to practise their social skills by talking to people they don’t know,.and learn the art of giving without expecting to receive anything back.

My kids have autism but I don’t want them to live in fear of making friends and seeing others as kind.

I don’t want them to miss out on things because of their anxiety, or other issues, I want them to learn to experience everything. People without their difficulties do.

So yesterday was a beautiful inspiring and moving day, where no exclusions happen because all were most welcome to join in the fun with us and experience it with us.

Those that couldn’t be with us we shared our photos for them to feel they were with us.

That to me is just a priceless gift that I don’t mind recieving the smiles the hugs the laughter and even the little squeals hope you all had a great day to.

I am sorry for the children or parents who’s children don’t get to join in on these special occasions .either because they are scared or there not invited.

Sometimes I think as parents we can be really over protective if our kids react badly to a situation or they get so distressed we avoid social situations because we can’t take away they pain or anger or fear. Sometimes though it’s not how our kids act it is how others act that truly hinders families with kids with special needs or difficulties .

Goodbye for today but I want to also share our pictures of Halloween through our eyes as it was so awesome to be doing it altogether even with Hayley who I work with.

It all started with the Emo my Elf from the book I have written it has changed our family life into a much better one.