#nerves #anticipation #excitement the building of a dream to make a better life, for #yourself, your #family.While high lighting causes and changing the way certain conditions are portrayed in the #media from negatively to positively for enclution Aceptance for all

Today I am awaiting the publishers phone call for my book Emo the Emotional Elf this was created and started last year.

Over this time I have grown in confidence learnt so much, shared a lot of the experiences with my LinkedIn friends and twitter,Instagram and Facebook.

My families encouragement especially that of my husband, parents, children brothers, sisters and all my neices nephews basically all of them.

It has dumbfounded me their belief in my abilities, my love for them just grows stronger day by day.

Sharing this experience with you all, makes it all the more endearing and special too me, the encouragement as I have learnt some of the technicalities of online life has been amazing.

To be honest I never felt the need to do this before, but in order to help my children with their autism and anxiety, this is away into Thier world of communication and Passion’s. I have grown to have so much more of a better understanding of their wants and needs and found it is a great way to communicate especially more so when Anxiety is high.

It stops some of the unessasary full outs because of miscommunication and stress, it helps them express their emotions with out causing the meltdowns to escalate because our love for them and want of aliviating Thier pain causes emotional responses in us as well.

We are so much more intune with all the emotions in the house now and things we all need to learn are being learnt together.

So while I am waiting I have a deep feeling of anxiety in the pit of my tummy, slightly elevated heart rate and tingles being passionate about something is great all these feelings a mad rush of adrenaline.

I wouldn’t change this journey to this point, just the amount of surport from outside agencies and the time it took for the diagnosis to happen.
Many thanks

Hugs Faye