#Sleep #world #love And #care my little poem deserves a #read and a #share

Sleep what is that my mind will say,It does not come again this day, As I sit here wide awake, why doesn’t my mind give me a break.

My thoughts roll around inside my head, I long for a goodnight sleep in bed, I lay there silent in the dark, I hear the beating of my heart.

The house is silent what can I say, it is the time my mind comes out to play, To think to imagine a change of life.For all my elves to come out to be alive.

There mischivous and naughty,they are just so cool they deserve a place in bookshelves at school.

They have lots to do, Christmas is coming all too soon.There are presents to sort and kids to excite, there is magic to happen all through the night.

Imagination oh what a sight, it’s what gives us all a reason to fight. An unknown look inside the mind to see a charicture, begin to grow for the world to love and to know.

Who knows if it will be the next big thing,a childhood friend with which to win, a new way of life in which we can learn, to have manner respect so the kids have a voice the way the world’s going is not their choise.

From families communities and all establishments and schools. The way we act sometimes isn’t cool, we forget the manners we learnt when we were young and that is what made the world became undone.

Go back to the start to teach the it again then a children will learn to make friendships again, not just online but in the real world. Communities will fix and all can be heard. Maybe then less lives will be shed,we teach how to love and too respect another person’s point of , that is what I  think this is what the world should do.

To mend what is broken use love,understanding and fun and laughter as glue.

Have a great day to all in the world, from this middle aged English quite Girl, I am a mother a nuturer I care with all my heart.

Please stop tearing our world apart.

Much love and hugs Faye


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