#Halloween #miscief #ghosts and #ghouls

Today my eyes slowly open, where is the sun that makes me smile. It’s October and it’s England no glimmer of shimmering sunlight shining though the window.

All I see today is the grey clouds and the slight smudgy look to the glass outside I see an intricatly made spiders web and one high slightly satisfied spider sitting squarely in the middle.

You can tell it’s almost halloween, on that day this eerie feeling would befit it well and add the intensity to the day the gloomy spokey essence of a time once told in many a storries. Ghosts and zombies devils and witches each year become spookier and slightly menasing, you kids are dressed and perfected movie star standard face art they have learned through watching many hours of YouTube tutorials how times have changed. Your slowly walking your kids up to a door to collect candy watching closely high state of alert to insure there safety adults in these homes going all out to impress except you hadn’t expect the chain saw welding six foot guy to be handing out sweets to toddlers. 

Oh the joys and slightly scary thought when your kid jump under the duvet in the middle of the night on Halloween as they are so sugar loaded they can’t sleep and images of fun and fright make there eyes refuse to close and there intense imagination talking at you for hours. Are the doors locked mum as you check for the fifteenth time that night. But also you over stock on surplys so no child goes without you end up with sugar loaded kids for weeks..I am slightly over generous hoping to clear the bowls before the end of the night so I don’t have to deal with it for more than one day.

The Ozzy feeling as you have taken off the top of the pumpkin and you slowly place your hands in the slimey group of the very stomache of the pumpkin I wonder if this is what a surgeon feels like when they rummage around inside a body.

Those sticky seeds that you can’t seem to pick up because they mount every area of your kitchen because your kids hate the feel and spend most of the time shaking and flicking it everywhere to get it off there hands. The ones they manage to pick up end up being burried all over the garden.

I like Halloween you can walk round in a bad mood or with a face like a donkeys backside, nobody will surspect your actually just being a grumpy guts.

I adore the squeals of delight as the kids open the door to the very first knock we know they have arrived by the squeals we have a motion activated which that sits outside the door kids handle it so much better it’s the mum that scream hehe .

The tricks we play on each other quitely tapping on the bed room window while the kids are relaxing in Thier room it achieves the very response we want them to get their behinds down stairs onto sofa for snuges and movies.

Oh how I love Halloween I time to get down with the kids and your cool because you dressed up and less like law inforcement and more like them.

Young carefree with a spring in your step and childhood moments flooding you, with memories  and warm fuzzy feelings.

Laughter slips out of your mouth your vocal cords take a battering and you suffer for days after. You now admit you screamed too.

I sit patiently on the stairs so quitely after they have finally fallen a sleep I know my hubby will come up soon,I wait it’s dark he is trying to be quite as to not wake them he nears that is when my hand shoots out and grabs hold of his leg in death like grip he jumps unaware I was Thier waiting I am on the floor laughing, it is contagious soon. He joins in oh the joys of Halloween what would we do without these playful moments to break up a year of work,and life stresses.

It is the season of ghosts and Ghouls watch out behind you there’s zombies you fools they will chase you and catch you and give you a fright so good night my friends in joy your life.