How to get through the difficult days the days you want to hide under the duvet and have a good cry

Before you read this I wouldn’t want my life any other way my family are everything and to me are imperfectly perfect.

I have had many of these days over the last couple of years, I always wake up great smiley and happy, unless of course the night before I have had no sleep and missed the alarm clock. Then it is bedlam a mad scramble to make the breakfast, lunches, the kids procrastination making it worse.

It always seems on these days that they need a perticual item that they have missed layed and it all mums fault because i must know exactly where they put it because, I am mum I know everything. 

Not to mention that I asked them multiple times to get there rooms cleaned, so they know where everything they need is.

I have come to the conclusion they like that

Disorganised ray of what I class as clutter they class as prized processions in the middle of there clothes they have changed multiple time making my house always full of washing and ironing (how do I cope)!!

There are the things in there rooms if you move a mere millimeter they know and there are things that shouldn’t be on display but are make up marks on the carpet underwear everywhere you look.

Don’t get me started on the places I have found missing socks the pair to which has already been committed to the odd sock bun never to be seen again.

Then there is the kids the bangs on the floor boards that feels like a bulldozer in disintegrating your house to rubble,they always seem to happen hours after they are surposed to be sleep.

The joys of cooking dinner for a picky house hold, low and behold and type of leaf is put on the plate or whether the food is touching, that most certainly a big no no.

The screeching from the bathroom if someone hasn’t emptied the bath of bubbles for the person using it after them.

The spats and disagreements of siblings they can argue so much also be mean but according to them is ok because they love each other, but watch out if anyone outside the family does or says anything me you will get both go at you double bushwalker style as noone hurts Thier family😀

Add to that school refusal and schools phoning everytime they show any sort of stress, or won’t go to class.

Working full time hours and being a mum even though I love my job, the flexibility  of it . can cause some issues especially if the kids are in the middle of their special intrest and I need to get some where quickly for those I care for in my work.

At the moment my hubby is around to help in some of these things. Deaths seem to come in plenty as well as health issues and other things in the wider family ,It is most certainly a very fast paced rollercoaster that has my heart racing and blood pumping fast I think that is why instead of trying to lose weight I am fighting to put it on.

Our house full of Emotions and that’s ok, it’s who we are, better out then in is my moto. Have I mentioned a simple car ride well that’s an experience in itself the fights over who gets to sit in the front,the one in the front controls the ridio one kid likes the volume at even numbers one likes it on odd numbers.

My kids have issues of using school toilets because they are always dirty so all that wind they hold in is released like a ticket bomb as soon as the car door closes after school pick up .

Windows open heads hanging out. The joys of kids I love them so much. They do have manners when out most of the time unless they decided to blurt out embarssing facts about mum at the top of their voices in the middle of the shops. Or burp infront of the vicar at a christening how I wasn’t in the cematry buried tomb stone laybled in front of the vicar!!

I love my life really I do because all these things are wiped away with a hug or a I love you mum 

So as to how do I get though these days without pulling my hair our I just do.

And always will I am one tough cookie of a mother. With a heart of gold and a house full of my soul and heart my kids my husband my life.

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