There is #more to #me than #mum #wife #carer #aspiringauthor. #visual #interpretation

Hi all, today i would like to say that there is more to me as a person and an individual.

While i am working hard on fine tuning my writing skills, i would like to show you the other side of me i am a visual learner, with i think with  a slight difference, i see and look for the unedited and real side of life.

I like to see a person a photo or anything at its rawness this is where i feel i can connect more and it inspires me more, when i see the physical changes with my own eyes maybe it is my own unique way of learning, maybe others learn this way as well i just haven’t had anyone tell me they have. As i am a visual learner i think that i will show what i mean and my personality in pictures. I love cooking i love my work and my family these are all things that motivate me in life.

Making the childrens birthday cakes, and outfits, are not going to win any awards but for my children they show it is done with my heart so that is the only reward i need.

So here is the visual that represents are big part of my personality without the work side of me all though it is very relevant to how i work in my caring job.20170816_015013-COLLAGE