The journey to becoming an Author Sometimes i wonder why i #embark on the #Journey i do now. Is it worth it for me, personally and my peace of mind.

I would say it most definitely is worth it , it enhances me first!! so then i can enhance my family, but also once released it has the possibility of helping other mums become stronger, it helps other children feel accepted for who they are and in turn helps dads know they are an important part of the family circle and that they are relevant and should be heard and supported too on this very difficult journey but are sometimes left out of the loop because they have too work.

Sometimes my mind is tormented and tortured by my own way of thinking, i am mostly a very easy going laid back person, that is happy and content with what life offers me.

But then i also here what others say that i am more than just this, i could be up there with everyone else, i fight with myself constantly on a whole i am introvert but there is the slightly extrovert part of me that wants to come out and show everyone what i am truly capable of, It is difficult for me because i am a mum of children with autism, and their needs are always going to be my main priority, so are my needs to be a great wife.

My brain has more of a thirst for knowledge on many different subjects, just because before my time was taken up with the difficulties my children experienced at school and with the diagnosis of their conditions, that kind of stripped me of wanting to take on anything else on my shoulders because i was so run down and tired, and it quite frankly made me not bother to look after myself i didn’t have the energy for much.

Now the children are back in school full time, and the diagnosis part is out the way, i am seeing, i still need that constant activity to keep my mood upbeat and  not slipping back to not bothering with my own needs.

This is why the book has come about and is important to me, because it brought me back to life back to valuing myself as a person, back to having a chance to work on issues that have stayed around since childhood, like my writing deficit now i have a chance to finally learn and hopefully start working on changing that into a stronger talent.

I know i have a personality to draw people into my world, to show them how life is made over complicated by situations thrown our way, how to get up and carry on on how to be adaptable to everyone you speak to to make them feel special for who they are.

That is what i like to do a lot make others feel special and to be relaxed in my company. To be able to relax and just be who they truly are and not have to put on this other personality they think i will like, only then you get to make real and meaningful friendships, those that will last a lifetime regardless of issues that come your way regardless if you’re happy one day and sad the next you accept them for themselves and visa versa.

Friendships  so you can lift each other in moments of difficulties and share in moments of joy.

Have a beautiful day i may not be an genious in the literary world but i am going to bring this book out however long it takes.

I also like to go into the world of the audience i want to aim my book at bring creativity  fun, inspiration and imagination to their worlds

much love