EMO THE EMOTIONAL ELF A BOOK IN PROGRESS written and ready to publish when funds are raised

Hi all,
I am rather jolly this evening , we have reached £795 thanks to Graham,
Today i have been elfing around and thinking alot about christmas and the miracles that can happen.
Shops are starting to get christmas stock in and that makes our trouser pockets suddenly become closed tight, at the mere thought of the battering they are going to get in the lead up to christmas.
you hear people say it’s only october but they are most certainly are the ones that share the christmas posts and bring it up constantly hehe.
You get the kids coming home from school with letters about christmas shows. the cooks preparing to release their books, on there take on the christmas meal.
Your house suddenly becomes filled with cinnamon scented candles, and catalogues filled with gift ideas for him and her, not to mention your kids picking up every toy catalogue from every shop you go in or the sudden amount of messages on your phone with amazon gift lists,and the latest game or computer releases or the next big phone.
My kids are at an age now where it is more the later gift ideas thier into.
Everyone sitting and waiting for the coca cola truck to appear on your screens or in your town.
Or the marks and spencer adverts . or even the snowman story .
This is what truly brings out childlike side of me i love entering the children’s world. This is the side of me that is through my book the very essence of it.
Our family is slightly unique and accept some very bizarre and wonderfully different gifts in fact as a mum i love surprising them with things that have their jaw dropping or the loudest scream ever.
It’s these feelings that spur me on to push forward with this campaign, slightly devastated it won’t be out in time for this christmas but if i push hard and keep striving with all i have it could be out in time for next christmas.In fact i am going to change the might to it will be out next year.
All i ask is you can help with a SHARE or A DONATION any little helps

Much Love and Hugs


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