The #academics of turning the other cheek in #schools and in the work place #bullying #lack of understanding and carrying out there own school policies on the #issues

Hi all this is something extremely important that needs reviewing and changing.

We all know bullying in schools and work places exist people fear speaking up because of thier jobs,or for fear of your child education being taken away.

It happens all the time all over the world. I don’t think anyone is truly excempt from experiencing it at some point in life or knowing someone who has suffered.

The implications of it on a child or adults self esteem,it tremendous it not only affects the person suffering but all those close to them as well.

More and more people are suffering crippling anxiety and panic attacks then ever before more people are self harming or have eating disorders,

Our mental health services are at full to breaking point, we are throwing money at a service to help after the fact instead of taken a stance on stamping out the behaviour.

Many times the one who stuffers is excluded for speaking up when nasty words are used or even physical attacks but still it seems the children or adults that have suffered this are the ones that get pulled out of class and taught it’s not bullying it’s kids, being kids.

How are children surpose to learn there behaviour is wrong if they are not taught it, how are they going to learn that it is not going to get them far in the work place i with a attitude that shows unkindness and disrespect for other.

Most school policies state an isolated incedent is not bullying but if it happens time and time again by the same people it is bulling,so why then do schools not deal with it properly .

We have children running away, and disappearing there’s suicide there’s mental health issues there is gender questioning so very much is going wrong in society today with voice of our young and our vunrebal going unheard.

It stems from loss of self esteem and confidence by unkind words and actions.

The schools are not allowed to pull someone who bullies out of there lessons but they frequently pull a bullied child out of lesson.

Our children are taught don’t retailate or they will be punished,so not only are they bullied by others they are not allowed to defend themselfs when they are verbally or physically threatened by someone if they do there the ones who are punished and sent home or excluded. Something has to change soon so no more needless loss of life happens.

But the truth is it isnt just schools there have been so many incedents in the work place aswell as out in the community these issue should be put every where stamp out bullying and belittling behaviour once and for all educate the bullies check what is going on in their life that is causing them to pick up these habbit and pass it on to others

I do hope you understand these things I write and share as it all brings up these very important issues that can affect anyone

Much love and hugs

Faye xx















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  1. Christy B says:

    I like what you say about how more mental health initiatives ought to focus on prevention strategies rather than coming after the fact. Continuing to raise awareness, one blog post at a time, will hopefully bring positive change over time

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