Caring and standards of care

All to much you here caseworkers talk about how they don’t feel surported in there jobs, they work hard and feel like they give so much for so little.

But we seem to forget the carers that care for there families and how hard it can be for them to get extra surport.

Carers get  they only get around 240 a month in carers allowance but there care is some times 24/7.

They don’t often get respite themselves 

Or they get run down very quickly, and have no time to put themselves first or concerntraite on there own health. 

Some give up there jobs to be able to care for thier loved ones at home.

They are the last people to go to doctors or dentist, 

I know this very well, as I am both a carer for my job and also my children have autism, so I do both I am lucky in respect that I can earn a wage in my job, and still be there when my children need extra surport.

Last year I nearly burnt out and ignored my own need for dental and medical checks.

That changed and I was able to get back my strengh, whilst still working and attending to my own families needs.

I am lucky to have the surport of my husband and extended family, many others are doing this alone.

On top of all this I have lost many family members to Huntington’s deiese, so It gets very challenging sometimes.

 I do want to wish all carers my very best.

 To tell them not be afraid to reach out for surport, to have these vital health checks for themselves, as you will need to have all the strengh at your disposal, to help you with the tougher times. 

Take care of your mental and emotional health, as well by finding others to talk to.

There are surport groups out there. There is no shame in admitting that you need help, as well we all do sometimes.

The waiting list for services a so long, many don’t have funds for getting basic aids for there loved ones.

I do think standard of care needs has to improve from satisfactory to excellent, and remember, even though some that are cared for depending on the level of needs can get violent it is not done on purpose, but a way of communicating they don’t like something.

It is such a hard job but rewarding, if you can make them laugh and smile while you care .

There are simple things you can do to connect, like sing or let them talk if they can about their life, show great listening skills. Tell them jokes, all of these simple things can be done to ease the stress at times when they are relying on you for care, that maybe embarrassing for them to have you do.Treat them with great dignatiy and respect even if they can’t return it.

Remember they are someone’s loved ones  Treat them how you would want your loved ones treated.

Many thanks for reading 

Faye hugs to you all😀