Emotions and being open to real life to conversations, as opposed to online talking. Are we becoming a society of hiding Emotions, losing our ability to face to face chat.

Hi all hope you are great today.

I would like you to meet the character from my book This is me and,

Emo the Emotional ELf


This is a question and something that is spoken about by many, typing words  and sharing them is so important, but how many of you feel more self conscious now than before the internet took over our daily lives. There are so many sites to communicate with people, from all over the world this is great for learning about other cultures and current affairs and news from all over the world.

A great way of highlighting struggles in societies of each country, to bring about an awareness of the needs of people from each land here on earth.I know as a woman and a mum judgement is very high online as everything is edited to give the gloss the view of something timeless and glossy, personally i like the unedited view of something i see a rawness and a realness to it that touches my heart and makes me feel a connection to it.

I am quite a timid person so i hate doing or saying something that upsets another, because it makes me feel a deep sadness that constantly has me apologizing even if i have done nothing to apologize for, this is just part of who i am as a person, sometimes i even apologize for others behaviour, now that is definitely a habit i need to change as i am only responsible for my own actions not others.

when i talk about emotions it comes from my love of caring and nurturing others, because that i think gives me a great feeling a warmness in the pit of my tummy,

when i think about doing it for myself it doesn’t​t give that same feeling it gives me a feeling of guilt and it is a feeling i really don’t like.

this is why i wrote the book Emo the Emotional Elf to help my children, my husband and our little family and of cause others who go through the challenges we do.

But in reality it has helped me just as much to see i am important too, because i am no use to those i love or those i want to help if i can’t help myself to be healthy emotionally physically or even mentally first. This is a work in progress to get my brain to actually see it this way, to get my heart to feel it this way.

I see so many in society and online, that are suffering with self esteem issues and  confidence  i think this is why so many go on to develop anxiety and depression.

I am a deep believer in not only carering for the physical mental and emotional health of a person. This is what i do with my job as a carer and with my writing, i am a listener also i don`t listen to judge or critic another person i listen so they feel understood and by feeling understood they are able to talk and share and hopefully this will help then lead a life they want.

How many of us go to a meeting or a social event and have a feeling of dread or feel you need a drink to do face to face as you feel more relaxed in this environment, i bet if an actual survey was done in this area we would be very surprised by the results.

How many conflicts are started because people feel they are unheard or miss judged or forgotten in society, we see all over the news many millions of people in all different country`s protesting for something better in life than we have now more inclusion more stories heard.

There is so much i would like to say in this subject but this is all i have today as i have many other things to do one of them being picking my children up from school so today So i will bid you a fond farewell and leave the thoughts with you. Feedback is good i accept others have a different opinion than mine, in fact i would like to listen to others opinion as it enriches me to know other perspectives in life.

Hugs Faye