A hearty ‘Welcome’ from newbie on WordPress

Hi all, i am joining the world of modern technology, oh my goodness slightly overwhelming but also exhilarating and exciting at the same time.

First as i am a new blogger, i think i should  acquaint myself with the world.

I am a wife, a mum of three beautiful children, well my oldest you can`t really class as a child anymore as he is 23, lives on his own, and has his own adult job. My youngest 2 children have autism and anxiety, which has been a very hard journey, first going through the diagnosis ,but also for all of us to accept, and get back on track in this world of very exclusive unique mindsets. Now we are learning to forget the label and bring the fun in autism out.

Which leads me to these new endeavors online, i am becoming an author, i have a book to go, i have had 2 publishing partnership offers and am currently working on a go fund me campaign to make it happen.

Easy task writing a book ?… yes , apart from the fact that i have struggled with writing, the main area i struggled with, is i have trouble with spelling and punctuation.

So every chance i get to improve this is a bonus.  Blogging will certainly help me practise and fine tune it, till it is less of an issue.

Raising the funds a little on the slow side,  i think is because there is so many people struggling and having a hard time at the moment. It is hard to stand out against these very compelling stories who all have very worthy reasons.

I am also a carer for my job, a little strange this one as i work for family, but it is still my job. I look after my sister who has Prader Willi Syndrome and Epilepsy and my nephew, who has four limbed Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. I also take care of my two nieces. This job itself is so rewarding , i love spending time with them and helping them advance, but also the most important thing is making them smile and laugh.

I am a person of many words, sometimes my hubby says too many, so i might just give his ears a break for a while. Getting to know some of the online sites, i find some what challenging, some of them slightly more than others. Twitter is not so easy for the more expressive verbally fluent person with a lot to say, as you cannot spread your wings and fly with your writing.

There are so many great people on there but it is harder to get to know the person you’re talking too. Not only that, i have found a couple of times some turn out to play you, you have conversations for quite some time only for them to reveal who they really are. They want you to launder money for them, this is the side of social media i don’t like or being hit on after i say i am married that is kind of unpleasant as well.

I really don’t know how our younger generation get through managing this. My children are slowly allowing this mum into their online world. They are teaching me how the online world works, only the other day my daughter,  was telling me the difference between a blog and a vlog, with a slight shake of her head, and “oh mum really for goodness sake” as she stomps up the stairs to her bedroom with a resounding slam of the door, so hard i can feel the vibrations on my seat in the kitchen.

My youngest son gives me tips on how to dress, and how to present myself online so others, don’t chat his mamma up. I like doing head and shoulder shots mostly, because i am also trying to teach my kids, to use their voices and smiles online, as though the internet is such a  great place for learning so many things and also lots fun.

It also comes with trolls and other more sinister side, and i want them to truly be safe online, getting them to help me online i get to understand how much they really understand about  how to keep safe themselves, to know who they can go to if they come across a problem, It also brings the lines of communication, between them as children and us as parents open, that no matter how hard to tell you loved ones something more embarrassing, or scary it is always best to share with them first. So they know we always will be there.

The other reason i wrote the book, i want to use my writing is to raise awareness.

To speak up for inclusion for all, i am passionate about mental health awareness and autism and anxiety awareness and many other issues, i may blog about in the future.

I don’t just want to raise awareness, i want to see words put into to action.Talking is a huge part of change but quite frankly not enough.

This is where i think i will leave this first blog.  As all the other things i have todo need to happen before the kids come home from school and the momentous task of different dinners, homework meltdowns, and spending time with my lovely children and husband comes before everything else.

So i will say goodbye for now and i hope you have the most pleasant day.